Handcrafted jewelry, inspired by desert plants and animals, including bolo ties, necklaces, earrings, and rings.

Heliotrope is woman-owned. All pieces are cast and fabricated by the artist in her studio in Downtown Tucson. The jewelry is sculptural, has a connection to a sense of place, is intended to be a source of strength for the person wearing it, whatever "strength" means to them at the time. Statement pieces, conversation starters, with roots in the land, valuing interconnectedness.

About the Artist:

Spring Winders is the designer, metalsmith and entrepreneur behind Heliotrope. Based in Tucson, Arizona, Spring gathers inspiration from the desert: jagged landscapes, startling sunsets, radiantly bizarre plant life, and the abundance of wild, survivalist creatures. Everywhere she feels the juxtaposition of vulnerability with timeless strength. 

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