Okologi Botanik is a Botanically Based Skincare Company based out of Tucson, AZ. They started experimenting with ingredients for a non-toxic deodorant in 2013 after feeling unsatisfied with what was found on the natural market. After months of trial and error, they were rewarded with a powerful and safe formula that lasted through an Arizona summer. 

From the Owner:
We are constantly experimenting with and expanding our product assortment. We believe in creating products with safe ingredients. We believe in products that work. Our products will leave you feeling beautiful, fresh and give you a clean conscience knowing that you are doing what is best for your body and contributing to a happy, clean planet.

All of our formulas are made with the cleanest ingredients available.  Although most of our ingredients are plant-based, we do love some good bee derived ingredients too. We chose our ingredients based on how well they work.  Not only are we concerned with the pleasant smell of the oils blends that we use, we also chose our blends to benefit and uplift the mood.   

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