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Scout Dunbar’s work offers a unique approach to drawing that allows the artist to create distinguished imagery inspired by the Southwest. 
The Geometric Landscape series is an on-going investigation into line, pattern, color, and material on paper. It begins with a process using a trace transfer printmaking method, followed by the direct application of paint, colored pencil, and oil pastel onto the paper’s surface. The resulting image is a complex field of layered grids, curvilinear lines, and repetitive pattern. At first glance, the work feels purely decorative; a patchwork of geometric shapes and patterns that are evocative of fabric quilts or southwestern style textile. Upon deeper examination, a dialogue between organic, improvised form and mathematical, systematic structure is revealed. An effort to harmonize these opposing forces is what guides the direction of this series. ⁣
Made concurrently with the Geometric Landscapes, the series of Line Drawings conversely offer a sense of playful lightheartedness through both color palette and subject matter. Using freeform drawing as a catalyst, the compositions in this series unfold organically. Rudimentary shapes and abstract, biomorphic forms float across the surface, grounded only by the web of delicate lines from which they emerge. Negative space is considered a necessary respite and is balanced by pockets of refined pattern and contrasting color. The non-objective nature of these images invites interpretation and provides the viewer an opportunity to connect personally with the work.

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