AZ Baking Company is a community-minded bakery dedicated to making the delicious local, heritage foods of the Sonoran Desert and Baja Arizona approachable, accessible, and affordable to home chefs through premium baking mixes like our flagship Mesquite Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix and our Mesquite Dark Chocolate Brownie Mix (new product coming on-line this season).

Unlike most retail facing baking mixes that are mass-produced from sub-par ingredients, AZ Baking Company uses only the best, premium ingredients we can find and makes a point to promote local growers and food producers by sourcing our flours, like White Sonoran Wheat and wild-harvested mesquite flour, from the Sonoran Desert region. The results speak for themselves--the best home-baked cookies and treats with ingredients you can feel good about.

From the Owner: Through my training and experience as a chef and my international experience living and working abroad, through my lifelong commitment to food and food culture and my academic training at the University of Arizona, UMASS Boston, and the University of Michigan, and through my work together with Oat Mama from their inception through 5 years of growth, I have developed a clear and actionable understanding of the importance of quality in cooking, baking, and food production. This translates not only to ensuring premium quality, sustainability, and ethics when sourcing ingredients, but also to the treating of these ingredients with the respect and care that they deserve. Further, while we are dedicated and uniquely focused on making delicious, locally-sourced, heritage ingredients like mesquite flour and White Sonora Wheat approachable and accessible to the home chef through premium packaged foods, and we are also committed to giving back to our community from a portion of our profits and have to-date made donations from our profits to Iskashitaa Refugee Network, Youth On Their Own, and to four employee relief funds set up by local businesses hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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