Modern Mood. Vintage Vibe

Metalsmith Jewelry + Art Handcrafted in Tucson, Arizona

From / About the Artist:

My work is handcrafted with quality sourced materials using smithing techniques in my little home studio. Jewelry and other decorative objects and hangings are included in my collections.   

The singular natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the cultural blend intrinsic to these borderlands, form a place of color and vibrancy that feels wonderfully timeworn and vintage. My goal is to take this inspiration and reinterpret traditional Southwestern design elements in a fresh and contemporary way - striving for a modern/desert aesthetic with a nod to the past.

Desert light is remarkable and varied. The expansiveness of the sky, sweeping vistas, and tiny horizon lines make for a bewitching place. In the Tucson area, architecture and mountains on all sides break the light into an ever-changing kaleidoscope of shadows, presenting an endless supply of abstract design elements. Also the colors - simply the best sunsets in the world!

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