Wylka Art House focuses on bringing affordable art to the new generation 'art collector'; our mission is to bring art to people looking to buy it - plain and simple! They focus on working with emerging artists who otherwise may not have their own storefront or online, web store presence to make their art accessible to the buyer.

About the Co-Founder:

Co-founding artist Karolina Reyes' work varies from digital illustration to fine art, abstraction. With a strong focus in design, Reyes' fine art works aim to create colorful fields of play on small, intimate canvases. Her digital illustrations tend to focus on more clean, defined line-work, with realistic representations of animals, flora, and the human form.

Wylka is currently in the works to officially launch in January 2021, but participation in CULTIVATE is a kind of 'soft opening' for the brand. 

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