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We are all about pouring back into our local community! 

a percentage of profits from our events goes to non-profits in Tucson.

This is something we feel strongly about and is central to our market's success. We choose one spotlight non-profit for each event we host; vendors are encouraged to give to the spotlight non-profit, but can also donate to any non-profit they believe in!


Meet our spring 2018 spotlight non-profit!

Equipping youth to gain employment, achieve self-sufficiency and reach career potential; Tucson Youth Development (TYD) is a community-based nonprofit helping over 1,200 youth annually since 1965 through alternative education and workforce training programs.

While increasing the skills of the Tucson community’s emerging workforce, youth may receive basic education towards a high school diploma, help with college or vocational training, and participate in workforce development and career-internship programs. Youth participants generally face significant barriers to education and employment including, but not limited to, poverty, adjudication, homelessness, and academic instability. Populations served by TYD live in neighborhoods that have some of the highest levels of poverty, high rates of unemployment, lower educational attainment, and high rates of public assistance (such as food stamps). In fact, over 90% of the students enrolled in a TYD school are eligible for the Federal free and reduced lunch program. TYD’s goal is to provide Tucson youth and young adults with the skills necessary to attain long-term independence and to become contributing members of the community. Over the course of 53 years, TYD has served over 62,400 youth. 


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